lunes, marzo 31, 2003

La Bolsa de los Weblogs

Se trata de BlogShares, un mercado de la bolsa ficiticio en el que cotizan los blogs en función de los enlaces que reciben y las "inversiones" de los bloguers:

Listed on BlogShares

BlogShares is partly a game where registered users can speculate on the value of a blog by buying and selling shares in them. It is also an evolving snapshot of a limited portion of the Blogosphere (the universe of blogs) tracking the single commodity that drives BlogShares: the hyperlink. Blogs are valued on the basis of their incoming links and add value to the market by linking to other known blogs. The valuation process is based on a principal of popularity or how many other blogs like a particular blog. However, in BlogShares not all participants are equal. The value of an incoming link is a factor of the linker's own popularity. This has some interesting effects on the network of blogs which are discussed in market observations.

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