martes, marzo 11, 2003

Caso: Campaña Promocional de DVD's de The Grinch en MSN

Biggest Home Movie Release Ever on MSN

The challenge: To boost demand for Universial Studios’ Dr. Seuss’ How the Grinch Stole Christmas™ in time for the home video/DVD release - a full year AFTER it was a hit in theaters. MSN’s online branding campaign had to be as clever, daring and impossible-to -ignore as the Grinch himself. It was. Now The Grinch home video/DVD is the best-selling holiday movie to date and one of the top home video revenue generators of 2001, with sales of over $330 MILLION. A true holiday classic.

"We had to go beyond banners and buttons, and really integrate content. That’s what this campaign did and why it was such a huge success." Video: (Download/56k)
"From an advertiser's perspective, MSN is our number-one choice."
Randy Malinoff
Vice President of New Media Marketing
Universal Studios Home Video

"...Recent examples of what I think constitute engagement branding have been run on Yahoo! ( and MSN ( Last Christmas season, Universal Studios Home Video reintroduced How the Grinch Stole Christmas on MSN. The Grinch was built into the background with key links pointing to “blooper” content, a sweepstakes, interactive trivia game and downloadable Grinch skins. Integrated content from The Grinch allowed visitors to interact with the brand." (more..)
Jim Meskauskas
Direct Response and Branding Combined
MSN Agency Alliance

"...Visitors of the site also will be invited to download a Grinch-branded version of MSN's Internet Explorer. By rolling out a specially designed browser, Universal is hoping to keep the film top-of-mind as the holiday shopping season swings into effect later in the month."(more..)
Christopher Saunders